Triathlon Resources

General Resources

As part of the Time to Tri initiative, various industry professionals have pledged their support by offering opportunities for aspiring triathletes. Coaches have offered free swim lessons or training sessions, clubs are hosting clinics and info sessions, etc. To find an opportunity near you, click here. To pledge your support for Time to Tri, click here.


Find a Coach

A coach can help you navigate your new and exciting journey into the sport of triathlon by helping you train smarter, avoid injury and empower you to cross your first triathlon finish line feeling strong. Time to Tri is here to help you find a coach in your area.


Find a Club

Swim, bike or run training is even more fun when you have friends and training partners joining you for the journey. Join a triathlon club to find workout buddies to motivate you, make you laugh or just hold you accountable to set that alarm for early morning workouts. Time to Tri is here to help you find a club near you.


Find a Place to Train

Find a place to start your triathlon training.


Find a Place to Swim

There could be a pool just around the corner. Search for a pool near you using the U.S. Masters Swimming Club Finder tool.

Youth Resources

Triathlon isn’t just for the 18 and over crowd. With athletes as young as 7 training and racing, the sport provides opportunities for kids to learn healthy exercise habits that will last a lifetime.


Find a Race

Triathlon offers more race opportunities than you know. From the sprint distance (750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) to the full distance (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run) and a variety of distances in between, there are options for everyone. Plus, some races offer unique distances and other disciplines such as duathlon (run-bike-run), aquabike (bike-run), aquathlon (swim-run) and off-road (open water swim, bike/run on trails).


Indoor Triathlon Options

Indoor triathlons provide an easier entry to the sport by eliminating one of the common barriers to entry — swimming in open water. Most events include a 10-minute pool swim, 30-minute stationary bike ride and 20-minute treadmill/track run.